Who we are

Created in 2007, Coffreo accompanies all those organisations that manage a high volume of short term contracts as their core business. Coffreo answers our clients needs of legally securing, optimising and automating document processes as well as reducing cost through operational efficiency.

Our agile offering is perfectly adapted to Human Resources with high operational constraints. It is simple to deploy, and conforms with legal requirements. Coffreo accelerates digital projects, resulting in an efficient and effective exchange with the Workers.

Our engagement

Bringing our business segment expertise, sharing our knowhow and experience to help our customers exceed in their businesses.

Our commitment to free our customers from having to manage complex processes, from a more and more complex legal and regulatory constraints.

A clear pricing structure for our offerings, with no surprises, adapted to our customers consumption models.

Our history

After the launch of a B2B digital exchange marketplace between the temporary agencies and their end customers, an idea is born for the co-founder Emmanuel Cudry, that the temporary workers should also benefit from a digital solution.
Even if the idea was still quite unique and innovative at the time, Coffreo is officially launched.  The underlying philosophy was “leave your documents and the exchange process with your temporary workers to us, and free up time to focus on the human aspects of the relation with the workers, your core expertise.”
A first client trust Coffreo to handle their electronic payslips. While no-one is even talking about the electronic payslips, our offering is launched.
The value added offering makes Coffreo the leader in the digital exchange of  documents with the temporary workers.
Coffreo creates and builds up their own R&D center with the second co-founder Guillaume Vernat.
Coffreo launches the electronic worker contract offering. Perfectly adapted for high volume short term contract employers, it is an immediate success with 70,000 contracts processed monthly by the end of the year.
Coffreo launches Coffreo.pro, responding to the need of digitally exchanging HR related documents for Small to Medium sized companies, as well as all employers using short term contracts ( short term, seasonal, event related contracts...).
Coffreo growth accelerates and becomes the leader of the electronic signature offering for short term contracts with more than 350 000 contracts signed monthly. And every day more and more HR related customers join Coffreo, convinced of the value of the offering : Temporary Agencies, event companies, security, medical, senior citizen services...
Coffreo celebrates 10 years, with a series of innovative new offerings for the agencies and their workers in the pipeline. Coffreo is expanding internationally, leveraging the knowhow gained in France, one of the more complex European markets. And to start the year, Coffreo is one of the top 3 companies offering electronic payslips connected to the French CPA (Compte Personnel d’Activité, the Personal Activity Account launched by the French government).

Our missions, our values

Coffreo secures and renders agile the relation between the employer and their workers where this represents a critical issue for their activity. Coffreo accompanies the workers throughout their careers, with the goal to facilitate their access to work.

Confidence: Coffreo, at the heart of the relation between the employer and the worker, builds a relation of long term confidence that preserves the interests of all.

Ambition: Coffreo offers solutions and services that respond to the high demands of employers and workers to help them in their daily professional life.

Humility: Coffreo is growing and learning every day through our interactions with employers and the workers that trust us, responding to them with kindness and respect.

Empathy:  Coffreo understands and offers the experiences expected by the employers to simplify the recruiting process, and by the workers to secure their professional career path.